Four Reasons You Need an Electrician

The Importance of Having a Reliable Atlanta Electrician on Speed Dial

Even though we have started a new year, keeping your family safe and having your home running smoothly has always been a priority. However, do you have a reliable Atlanta electrician on speed dial? … Read More

Extension Cord Safety

Stay warm AND safe this coming winter season

It’s gotten cold outside, which means you have probably turned up the heat in your home or office. A close second to staying warm indoors should be staying safe there as well. House fires are very common … Read More

Security Lighting

We are now in the season where the sun sets sooner, which makes security lighting essential. When you step outside of your home at night, it is important that the exit area is well lit so that you have more visibility of your surroundings. Better … Read More

Replace Your Old Smoke Detector

Be proactive in protecting your family from a potential home fire

Chirp … Chirp … Chirp. No, that’s not a bird call but the sound of your smoke detector’s battery dying at 2 am or the smoke detector itself. The time has come to replace … Read More

Fun With Lighting Control Systems

Keep Your Property Vibrant With Lighting Control Systems

We have covered the importance of whole house lighting systems in our most recent blog series. Now we will show you how using lighting control systems can create ambiance inside and outside the home. You can do… Read More