4th of July Safety tips

Safety first, enjoyment second

4th of July is one of McCauley Electric’s favorite holidays and the most widely celebrated occasions in the world, so we came up with some 4th of July safety tips to ensure your day stays fun and doesn’t result to a … Read More

Illuminate your property with Outdoor Lighting

Springtime Upgrades that will light up your yard’s appearance

It’s spring and the members of your community are now enjoying the outdoors again. When they walk by your yard in the evening, what will they see or can they see? Illuminate your beautiful yard work … Read More

Selecting the Right Bathroom Fan

Several factors should direct your next bathroom fan installation.  Call McCauley Electrical Service at 678-362-2881 for a free quote!

Although you may not give them much thought, bathroom fans have become integral to the modern bathroom. Bathroom fans, of course, remove unwanted smells from our … Read More

Consider Landscape Lighting This Fall

Landscape lighting isn’t just for summertime activities.  Lighting up your property adds beautiful touches throughout the year.

Autumn is a great time to give some thought to your home’s landscape lighting.  With the heat of the Georgia summer behind us and the cold of the … Read More

Electrical Panel Parts and Inspection

We take a look at the parts of a typical electrical panel and what to look out for when assessing them for repair or replacement.

In our last blog, we examined how electricity moves from the utility lines into your home’s electrical panel.  Now we’ll … Read More