Electrical Tips and Tricks

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Electrical Tips and Tricks from your favorite Atlanta Electrician

Here are some electrical tips and tricks that McCauley Electric feels it is important that you know. These electrical tips and tricks range from the aesthetics of your home to its functionality.

Common Troubleshooting Tips No matter your occupation, “troubleshooting” is a buzzword you might often hear at work.  While it might not have a pleasant association, troubleshooting can apply to some electrical problems … Read More

Selecting the Right Bathroom Fan Although you may not give them much thought, bathroom fans have become integral to the modern bathroom. Bathroom fans, of course, remove unwanted smells … Read More

Consider Landscape Lighting This Fall Landscape lighting isn’t just for summertime activities.  Lighting up your property adds beautiful touches throughout the year. Autumn is a great time to give some thought to your home’s landscape lighting.  With the heat of the Georgia summer behind us … Read More

Electrical Panel Parts and Inspection We take a look at the parts of a typical electrical panel and what to look out for when assessing them for repair or replacement. In our last blog, we examined how electricity moves from the utility lines into your home’s electrical panel … Read More

Springtime Landscape Lighting Landscape lighting can help brighten your home this spring.  Georgia winter’s aren’t known for their severity or lengthiness but the constant overcast skies and rainy days can get oppressive after a while … Read More

Some of these electrical tips and tricks could be implemented right away or require some preparation leading up to the season that they are the most relevant. Give Patrick of McCauley Electric a call at 678.362.2881 if you have any questions about these electrical tips and tricks or need electrical services from our Atlanta electrician.

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