GFCI Outlets Prevent Shocks

GFCI outlets can keep you safe from injuries when using devices with an electrical cord.


GFCI outlets are becoming a more common sight in today’s buildings.  This is with good reason, as they can help prevent certain types of electrical shocks.  GFCI stands for … Read More

Surge Protectors: Getting the Right One

Make sure you have a surge protector that will defend your devices from sudden power changes.

Surge protectors are often a topic of discussion this time of year especially with the number of thunderstorms during the summer.  We’re all familiar with the spikes in electricity … Read More

Tamper-Resistant Electrical Receptacles

Tamper-resistant electrical receptacles prevent injuries by keeping unwanted objects out of electrical sockets.

Tamper-resistant (TR) electrical receptacles are one of the newest ways to avoid shocks and burns from electrical sockets.  It’s no secret that curious children (and even some unknowing adults) can be harmed by … Read More