Springtime Landscape Lighting

After another dreary winter, your home’s exterior can sparkle with landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting can help brighten your home this spring.  Georgia winter’s aren’t known for their severity or lengthiness but the constant overcast skies and rainy days can get oppressive after a while.  Thankfully, … Read More

Kitchen Lighting Choices

Kitchen lighting is as important as any element of the kitchen’s design and look.

Kitchen lighting may be the last thing you think of when considering a great kitchen design.  The room’s layout and furnishings may spring to mind first but the care that goes … Read More

How LED Lights Can Work For You

LED lights can help reduce spending on electricity and replacement bulbs.  

You’ve probably heard that some types of light bulbs are on the way out and other lighting options, such as LED lights, are increasing in popularity.  Both in the United States and abroad, traditional … Read More