Are your home’s circuit panel breakers safe?

Breaker panels are designed to protect homes from electrical problems by preventing short circuits, power surges, and circuit overload. When one of these occurs, the breaker “trips” to shut down power to the circuit. If a breaker is faulty, the risk of fire in your … Read More

Consider Landscape Lighting This Fall

Landscape lighting isn’t just for summertime activities.  Lighting up your property adds beautiful touches throughout the year.

Autumn is a great time to give some thought to your home’s landscape lighting.  With the heat of the Georgia summer behind us and the cold of the … Read More

How Electrical Service Reaches You

Your electrical service travels through a number of lines and devices before being usable in your home.


Continuous electrical service is something we often take for granted.  It seems as simple and effortless as heating something in the microwave or using your cellphone.  But … Read More

Keep Calm, Get a Security System

 Let McCauley Electric Service calm your nerves with the installation of a security system

The peace you will get from installing a security system is worth so much more than the money you’ll pay for it.  With the sun going down earlier in these autumn … Read More