Top 5 tips for smart home upgrades

Making Your Home a Smart Home

In today’s world, mostly everything is digitized … even our homes. If you have upgraded from a flip phone, now it is time for your family to enjoy some smart home upgrades.

Are you worried about high electricity bills? … Read More

Keep Calm, Get a Security System

 Let McCauley Electric Service calm your nerves with the installation of a security system

The peace you will get from installing a security system is worth so much more than the money you’ll pay for it.  With the sun going down earlier in these autumn … Read More

Security Cameras, Lighting and More

Maybe security cameras should be on your list of items to purchase this holiday season.

Security cameras are a great deterrent for burglars. During this time of year, home invasions or robberies are on the rise as criminals break into homes to steal Christmas gifts … Read More